About us

Welcome to The Sparkling Pantry, your one stop shop for unusual supplies for the creative baker! Whether your looking for the perfect supplies for birthday cupcakes, wedding cakes or simply a fun weekend project with the kids, we have everything you need for your wonderful creations!

Our shop started after I realized I wanted to share my love for baking and creating with more then just my family and friends!

Every since a young age I have loved baking treats for any occasion, testing new recipes out on my sweet loving brother or volunteering to bake cupcakes for any birthday party or bake sale out there!

Eventually, after moving out of my parents house and discovering I had no one to bake for, I began bringing cupcakes and new creations into my place of work, conveniently filled with athletes and coaches who were always willing to be my taste testers. With a new found audience for my creations, I began to try out new recipes and soon found that finding original toppings and baking supplies was hard to find, even in a big city.

Fast-forward a couple years, I moved to Calgary, Alberta, met my husband and opened The Sparkling Pantry! After 2.5 amazing years of visiting every market we could and gaining an unbelievably amazing customer base, we have now set out on a new adventure to PEI and will be continuing to mix sprinkles and provide our beautiful edibles to bakers around the world!

I hope you find everything you're looking for here for your next baking adventure, whether its for a birthday, wedding, bachelorette party, or simply baking christmas cookies at home over the holidays!

Be sure to tag us in your sparkling creations! @thesparklingpantry

Have questions, comments or need more information? Email us at thesparkingpantry@gmail.com