Blushing Sprinkle Mix, Vegan and Gluten Free, Cupcake Sprinkles

Blushing Sprinkle Mix, Vegan and Gluten Free, Cupcake Sprinkles

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This custom made Sparkling Pantry Sprinkle Mix is perfect for all your decorating needs! Ideal for cupcakes, cakes, pops, cookies and more!

They are made from 100% natural ingredients, free from GMO, Soy, Dairy, Nuts & Gluten

- 4 oz plastic jar (approx. 8 tablespoons)
- 4 oz resealable bag (approx. 8 tablespoons)
- 8 oz plastic jar (approx. 1 cup)
- 8 oz resealable bag (approx. 1 cup)
- 1 pound resealable bag (approx. 2 cups)

These sprinkles are manufactured in a facility that is free from allergens and mixed & packaged in a certified kitchen that is also free from these ingredients.

Warning: contains Coconut oil

Sugar, Corn Starch,Rice Flour,Potato Starch, Maltodextrin, Vegetable Fat (Coconut),Stabilizers (Gum Arabic), Colours (E100-Turmeric, E163-Anthocyanins, E171-Titanium Dioxide), Glazing agent (Carnauba Wax) ,Anti-caking agent (Potassium Aluminum Silicate), Hypromellose, Propylene glycol

* Includes edible glitter

Please contact us with how much so we can check our stock for you.

Mix and colours can vary slightly depending on the batch and/or the photograph.

STORAGE: Sprinkles are best stored in a cool dry place out of sunlight as it can cause some of them to fade. Our sprinkles generally have a 1- 2 year shelf life, yet can even last longer depending on the variety and storage method.

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